One of the most popular commercial broadcasters is B92, another media company, which has its own TV station, radio station, and music and book publishing arms, as well as the most popular website on the Serbian internet. Belgrade's population grew to 239,000 by 1931 (with the inclusion of Zemun), and to 320,000 by 1940. The Serbian national team won the 2010 Davis Cup, beating the French team in the finals played in the Belgrade Arena.[250]. The historical core of Belgrade, Kalemegdan, lies on the right banks of both rivers. [84] The resistance movement in Belgrade was led by Major Žarko Todorović from 1941 until his arrest in 1943. Tourists which arrived by the Orient Express mostly stayed at the Petrograd Hotel in Wilson Square. By: Heaton, Colin D., World War II, 08984204, Jan98, Vol. During this time, Belgrade was a haven for many Balkan peoples fleeing Ottoman rule, and is thought to have had a population ranging between 40,000 and 50,000 people. [37] Basil II (976–1025) installed a garrison in Belgrade. It offers a range of facilities, such as hotels, congress halls (e.g. These demonstrations resulted in the ousting of president Milošević as a part of the Otpor! [103][104][105][106], After the 2000 presidential elections, Belgrade was the site of major public protests, with over half a million people on the streets. [Note 1] In a fatally strategic position, the city has been battled over in 115 wars and razed 44 times, being bombed five times and besieged many times.[12]. [62] In the following years, urban planner Emilijan Josimović had a significant impact on Belgrade. [154], According Cushman & Wakefield, Knez Mihajlova street is 36th most expensive retail street in the world in terms of renting commercial space.[155]. [93] Josip Broz Tito died in May 1980 and his funeral in Belgrade was attended by high officials and state delegations from 128 of the 154 members of the United Nations from both sides of the Iron Curtain, based on which it became one of the largest funerals in history. 10:48h SNAŽAN ZEMLJOTRES KOD JAVE: Potres od 5,9 stepeni se osetio širom Indonezije; 10:45h BILANS STANJA KORONE U KCV I SREMSKOJ KAMENICI: Hospitalizovano 390, na respiratorima 31 pacijent; 10:42h U BEOGRADU MI JEDINO SMETA ŠTO NE RADE KAFANE! Since 1996,[251] semiannual (autumn/winter and spring/summer seasons) fashion weeks are held citywide. 10:40h PRIJEPOLJSKI SPORTSKI KLUBOVI IZ OPŠTINSKE KASE … Daily connections link the capital to other towns in Serbia and many other European destinations through the city's central bus station. Expressway is also toward Pančevo and new Expressway construction toward Obrenovac (Montenegro) is scheduled for March 2017. [89] During the post-war period, Belgrade grew rapidly as the capital of the renewed Yugoslavia, developing as a major industrial centre. [11] It frequently passed from Ottoman to Habsburg rule, which saw the destruction of most of the city during the Ottoman–Habsburg wars. Belgrade is classified as a Beta-Global City. [213] The Clinical Centre of Serbia spreads over 34 hectares and consists of about 50 buildings, while also has 3,150 beds considered to be the highest number in Europe,[214] and among highest in the world. [266] Following renewed growth in 2000, the number of passengers reached approximately 2 million in 2004 and 2005,[267] over 2.6 million passengers in 2008,[268] reaching over 3 million passengers. It remained a hotel until 1903 before being demolished in 1938. Serbia's de facto independence dates from this event. Od početka epidemije u Crnoj Gori je registrovano 94.269 obolelih…, Zatvoreni i otvoreni tržni centri u Srbiji od ponedeljka ponovo mogu da rade od 06.00 do 22.00, navodi se u Naredbi ministra zdravlja Zlatibora Lončara, koja je danas objavljena u Službenom glasniku. [68], The first-ever projection of motion pictures in the Balkans and Central Europe was held in Belgrade in June 1896 by André Carr, a representative of the Lumière brothers. On 15 December, it was re-taken by Serbian troops under Marshal Radomir Putnik. [255] Having developed with much of the rest of the city in the 19th century, several university buildings are recognised as forming a constituent part of Belgrade's architecture and cultural heritage. [202] The institution also operates the Museum of Yugoslav Film Archive, with movie theatre and exhibition hall. Beside paintings, the most valuable are Moon rocks donated by Apollo 11 crew Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins while visiting Belgrade in 1969 and from mission Apollo 17 donated by Richard Nixon in 1971. [151] The most famous Belgrade IT startups, among others, are Nordeus, ComTrade Group, MicroE, FishingBooker, and Endava. [221][223] Apart from Ada, Belgrade has total of 16 islands[224] on the rivers, many still unused. [20], Evidence of early knowledge about Belgrade's geographical location comes from a variety of ancient myths and legends. [19] Within the city proper, on Cetinjska Street, a skull of a Paleolithic human dated to before 5000 BC was discovered in 1890. Ivanovic and Djokovic are the first female and male Belgraders, respectively, to win Grand Slam singles titles and been ATP number 1 with Jelena Janković. Millions of real salary data collected from government and companies - annual starting salaries, average salaries, payscale by company, job title, and city. The archive's long-standing storage problems were finally solved in 2007, when a new modern depository was opened. [163][164] Today, it is the centre of the Serbian hip hop scene, with acts such as Beogradski Sindikat, Bad Copy, Škabo, Marčelo, and most of the Bassivity Music stable hailing from or living in the city. Beovoz was the suburban/commuter railway network that provided mass-transit services in the city, similar to Paris's RER and Toronto's GO Transit. [260][261] The BusPlus ticketing system based on contactless smart cards began operating in February 2012. [221][223] There are numerous tracks on the island, where it is possible to ride a bike, go for a walk, or go jogging. Belgrade receives about 691 millimetres (27 in) of precipitation a year, with late spring being wettest. [72], During this period, the city experienced fast growth and significant modernisation. 39. FEST is an annual film festival that held since 1971, and, through 2013, had been attended by four million people and had presented almost 4,000 films. Generalni sekretar Udruženja banaka Srbije, Vladimir Vasić, izjavio je danas da je za treći moratorijum otplate dugova stiglo oko 32.000 zahteva od oko 600 miliona evra, a da je, prema poslednjem preseku, obrađeno oko 9.000 zahteva i odobren zastoj za 90 miliona evra. [201], With around 95,000 copies of national and international films, the Yugoslav Film Archive is the largest in the region and among the 10 largest archives in the world. [13] It is the seat of the central government, administrative bodies, and government ministries, as well as home of almost all of the largest Serbian companies, media, and scientific institutions. [191] The museum was closed in 2007, but has since been reopened in 2017 to focus on the modern as well as on the Yugoslav art scenes. Belgrade hosts many annual international cultural events, including the Film Festival, Theatre Festival, Summer Festival, BEMUS, Belgrade Early Music Festival, Book Fair, Belgrade Choir Festival, Eurovision Song Contest 2008, and the Beer Fest. In addition to fashion, there are two major design shows held in Belgrade every year which attract international architects and industrial designers such as Karim Rashid, Daniel Libeskind, Patricia Urquiola, and Konstantin Grcic. [137] It is also home to the country's Central Bank. Sava Centar), Class A and B office buildings, and business parks (e.g. Smart-TV, Tablet und Mobile) und bietet zahlreiche exklusiv produzierte Online Videos und Video-LIVE-Streams von sportlichen Spitzenevents in bester HD-Qualität. [193][194] The exhibition was seen by almost 100,000 visitors. [9] It was conquered by the Romans under the reign of Augustus and awarded Roman city rights in the mid-2nd century. During the 60s and 70s Belgrade held a number of major international events such as the first ever World Aquatics Championships in 1973, 1976 European Football Championship and 1973 European Cup Final, European Athletics Championships in 1962 and European Indoor Games in 1969, European Basketball Championships in 1961 and 1975, European Volleyball Championship for men and women in 1975 and World Amateur Boxing Championships in 1978. Belgrade is the most important media hub in Serbia. A new free distribution daily, 24 sata, was founded in the autumn of 2006. [28] In 471, it was taken by Theodoric the Great, king of the Ostrogoths, who continued into Italy. The city was liberated by Serbian and French troops on 1 November 1918, under the command of Marshal Louis Franchet d'Espèrey of France and Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia. [146] Many global IT companies choose Belgrade as their European or regional centre of operations, such as Asus,[147] Intel,[148] Dell,[149] Huawei, Nutanix,[150] NCR etc. Located only 2 km from Ada Ciganlija. [61], On 18 April 1867, the Ottoman government ordered the Ottoman garrison, which had been since 1826 the last representation of Ottoman suzerainty in Serbia, withdrawn from Kalemegdan. Typical of Central European cities in the last quarter of the 19th century, the fourth phase was characterised by an eclecticist style based on the Renaissance and Baroque periods. [240], The Times reported that Europe's best nightlife can be found in Belgrade. Pa nekadašnje lice TV Pink. It became the romanised Singidunum in the 1st century AD and, by the mid-2nd century, the city was proclaimed a municipium by the Roman authorities, evolving into a full-fledged colonia (the highest city class) by the end of the century. Concerts featuring famous local and foreign bands are often held at the centre. Hotel Srpski Kralj, at the corner of Uzun Mirkova and Pariska Street was considered the best hotel in Belgrade during the Interbellum. [211], In the socialist period, housing was built quickly and cheaply for the huge influx of people fleeing the countryside following World War II, sometimes resulting in the brutalist architecture of the blokovi ('blocks') of New Belgrade; a socrealism trend briefly ruled, resulting in buildings like the Trade Union Hall. As a result, the city was heavily bombed by the Luftwaffe on 6 April 1941, killing up to 2,274 people. On the territory covered by the General Urban Plan there are 1,155 recorded mass wasting points, out of which 602 are active and 248 are labeled as the 'high risk'. [44] As the city presented an obstacle to the Ottoman advance into Hungary and further, over 100,000 Ottoman soldiers[45] besieged it in 1456, in which the Christian army led by the Hungarian General John Hunyadi successfully defended it. Ada Ciganlija is a former island on the Sava River, and Belgrade's biggest sports and recreational complex. [63], In May 1868, knez Mihailo was assassinated with his cousin Anka Konstantinović while riding in a carriage in his country residence. [53], At the beginning of the 19th century, Belgrade was predominantly inhabited by a Muslim population. [182] [188] The Ethnographic Museum, established in 1901, contains more than 150,000 items showcasing the rural and urban culture of the Balkans, particularly the countries of former Yugoslavia. [208] GORAN Bogdan gostovao je u emisiji "Ko sam tebi i šta sam sebi” na srbijanskoj K1 televiziji u kojoj je govorio o svom životu i glumačkoj karijeri. [136], Belgrade is the financial centre of Serbia and Southeast Europe, with a total of 17 million square metres (180 million square feet) of office space. Over 1.2 million square metres (13 million square feet) of land is under construction in New Belgrade, with the value of planned construction over the next three years estimated at over 1.5 billion euros. [83] Belgrade became the first city in Europe to be declared by the Nazi occupation forces to be Judenfrei. [200] Belgrade also houses the Museum of African Art, founded in 1977, which has a large collection of art from West Africa. There are two suburban settlements with significant minority population today: Ovča and the village of Boljevci, both with about one quarter of their population being Romanians and Slovaks, respectively. Most of the municipalities are situated on the southern side of the Danube and Sava rivers, in the Šumadija region. They cover almost 30% of the city territory and include several types of mass wasting. Tako je i Bojana Bojović, koja će od ovog vikenda, 13. marta, svake subote i nedelje voditi “Uranak” na televiziji K1 podelila neke od svojih “muka” sa kojima se suočava kao TV lice ranoranilac. [218], As Belgrade became connected via steamboats and railway (after 1884), the number of visitors grew and new hotels were open with the ever luxurious commodities. 89–90. In 1961, the conference of Non-Aligned Countries was held in Belgrade under Tito's chairmanship. Otac Novaka Đokovića često na takav način istupa u medijima, a sada se ponovno dotaknuo nekih događaja iz Novakove karijere. Numerous Serbian and foreign designers and fashion brands have their shows during Belgrade Fashion Week. [25] Jovian reestablished Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire, ending the brief revival of traditional Roman religions under his predecessor Julian the Apostate. The oldest architecture is found in Kalemegdan Park. This name would appear in several variants: Alba Bulgarica in Latin, Griechisch Weissenburg in High German, Nándorfehérvár in Hungarian, and Castelbianco in Venetian, among other names, all variations of 'white fortress'. Duvaće slab i umeren vetar, na jugu Banata i u donjem Podunavlju povremeno i jak…, Ministarka trgovine, turizma i telekomunikacija Tatjana Matić izjavila je danas da će građani Srbije moći, pod određenim uslovima, da putuju u Grčku od 14. maja, preko Severne Makedonije, ali da će i ranije - sredinom aprila, u tu zemlju moći da…, Epidemiolog i član Kriznog štaba dr Predrag Kon izjavio je da zaštitne maske treba nositi i u baštama kafića, dok se ne konzumira piće. RTS 1 Uživo. Taking Belgrade by bluff. [198], The Nikola Tesla Museum, founded in 1952, preserves the personal items of Nikola Tesla, the inventor after whom the Tesla unit was named. Skadar Street (the centre of Skadarlija) and the surrounding neighbourhood are lined with some of Belgrade's best and oldest traditional restaurants (called kafanas in Serbian), which date back to that period. [50] During this period, the city was affected by the two Great Serbian Migrations, in which hundreds of thousands of Serbs, led by two Serbian Patriarchs, retreated together with the Austrian soldiers into the Habsburg Empire, settling in today's Vojvodina and Slavonia. [165][166] There are numerous theatres, the most prominent of which are National Theatre, Theatre on Terazije, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Zvezdara Theatre, and Atelier 212.